Make New Friends at Villas Of Chapel Creek

Make new friends at The Villas of Chapel Creek in Frisco

One of the wonderful bonuses of apartment living is the strong sense of community!  From our warm and inviting staff to our great community areas such as our sparkling pool and barbecue areas, we are focused on providing a friendly, social atmosphere.  Making friends can seem so easy when you’re a kid, but establishing and maintaining relationships as an adult isn’t so simple.  To make friends at any age, check out these tips:

  • Be more social. When you go to a party or get-together, step a bit outside your comfort zone and try to be more of an extrovert.  Introduce yourself to strangers and if you really click with someone, exchange contact information.
  • Take up a hobby. There’s no better way to make friends than to get to know people who have the same interests as you do. Volunteer at your child’s school, sign up for a class at the gym, or start a book club.
  • Ask friends and family. Friends and family may try to set you up on a date, but the same can work for friendships. Ask around and see if they know of any friends they’d think you’d get along with.

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