If you're looking for upscale, luxurious apartments in Frisco, you'll want to visit the Villas of Chapel Creek. As an exclusive property in the well-regarded Frisco area, the Villas of Chapel Creek offer the best in local entertainment, shopping, and conveniences, as well as a beautiful property filled with gorgeous landscaping and exquisite interiors. Our designers have taken care of every last detail to create unforgettable and luxurious Frisco apartments.

From the gorgeous stone exteriors, the towering windows, and the beautiful architecture, the Villas of Chapel Creek are the perfect reward for hard work and a home that provides every luxury and convenience. Stay in one evening and enjoy family night in our spacious apartments in Frisco and then find entertainment the next at the largest mall in the region: Stonebriar Mall. You'll love the growing and vibrant community of Frisco and our convenient location.

Outside your apartment and around the grounds, you'll find that we've added beautiful details into every area of our property from the trendy stone pathways around the pool to the palm trees and wooden shady area we've added to the deck. Beautiful and idyllic without feeling overdone, the Villas of Chapel Creek are designed to impress with ease and elegance. We believe our apartments for rent in Chapel Creek will provide you with an amazing residential experience.

We hope you're interested in coming for a tour of our apartment community. Our attentive and friendly staff is here to show you all the ways the Villas of Chapel Creek are an ideal apartment home. Get in touch with us today, and we'll take you on a personalized tour of our property and show you why we think our apartments for rent in Frisco are the best in town.


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