Chapel Creek is Greener Everyday!

In our continuing focus to reduce the chaos during the always stressful moving time, we have just made another huge jump with our move-in process!

We are beyond excited to announce that an E-Signature option is available when you sign your lease!  This feature provides you with maximum flexibility when it comes to your move-in.  So what exactly does this service mean for you?  The bottom line is that you don’t have to worry over finding the space in your schedule to get into our Leasing Office for contract signing.  You are able to access the E-Signature from anywhere and at your convenience!

We’re working together to reduce our carbon footprint!  Eliminating paper from the move-in process instantaneously allows everybody to make an immediate, positive impact on the environment.  By managing documents online we can reduce paper waste, air pollution, and deforestation.  As an added bonus to the tremendous environmental impact, the time saved means our Management Team has more time to focus on you, rather than chasing paper!

All we need is a valid email address for all leaseholders and occupants over the age of 18 years old.  We can send your contract documents via our online system, Blue Moon, directly to your email address for processing.  Once you open the link you can view the lease, and sign all of your documents electronically.  You can refer back to it for a period of time after it’s been approved and print a copy to keep for your records as well.  It’s that easy!

Our hopes are that this service will provide our customers with an even more convenient living experience at Villas of Chapel Creek!

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